Latest Insights from Neuroscience and Be Gender Smart

This book will give you new insights into the key differences between men and women and the strengths we bring to the workplace. The confidence in your unique approach will grow and you will boost your idea of self-worth.

There are so many things women are good at and we need to speak up! This book will give you a way of working that allows you to be yourself and get results. It will help you find your voice and speak up about your unique contribution.

It allows you to make the most of what you have already got. You will find fresh and practical ideas that will enable you to confidently build your career and be successful at the next level.

You will see how you can Speak Up and take an approach that is respected and valued by others in the workplace.

You will find out why it seems harder for women in the workplace, and gain fresh ideas on how to help women progress and build an organisational culture that gets the best out of both sexes. In short, you will find out how to be Gender Smart.